Victorian Dresses for sale: How can you get one

If you are looking for Victorian dresses for sale, this article will come in handy. Just invest a little bit of your toil in going through our article; we hope you will get enough information about just the attire you are looking for. The victorian age was the age of greatness and felicity. The attire of the people of the Victorian period was one of the many attractions of that time. Grandeur apparel defined their characteristics. It has been centuries after centuries since the Victorian age came to an end. Many of their cultural artifacts we don’t find today anymore. Yet you can find similar traditional Victorian dresses nowadays. All you need to do is to engage yourself to go through our site.

If you are living out of town, you should consider the delivery system. Choosing a dress can be a tricky task. You might want to look into your interests, size, context, and, etc. before selecting the dress.

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Victorian Women Clothing

Victorian era and modern fashion concept

The Victorian era has established its landmark in the present world of fashion. With its uniqueness, the Victorian tradition does not cease to exist. The very essence of the Victorian-era can be seen on our wedding days. Women bear symbolic significance with their flowy long white dresses at the wedding. It all started with Queen Elizabeth’s gorgeous wedding dress. The majestic importance she once bore is still carried with us by following the tradition. Marrying a girl off is beautiful, and the white gown majestically intensifies the beauty. Following the Victorian trend in clothing, style means to bear aristocracy. The sophisticated touch shall live on and on with the touch of modernism in the fashion industry.

Victorian era concept

Women’s Clothing

In the movie Titanic, it was rightly said- “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secret.” The attire a lady chooses is similarly enigmatic and full of secrets. So to give your dress an enigmatic effect, Victorian clothing has no alternative.
A historical period may interest you when it comes to fashion. At present, there are elegant Victorian dresses available for women. With time there came variations. No matter how evolving the dresses appeared, some Victorian elements, segments, and sentiments could never be replaced.
Today we see corsets, bonnets, laces, engagements evolved with new concepts. In the catwalks, on the street, in the fashion houses, you will find tops, gowns, skirts, or types of denim with eye-catching Victorian tags and concepts. Let’s find out some beautiful collection of women:

Victorian Ballet Dress

Fairytales can be written with your dresses. Sounds pretty magical, right?. Well, the dress itself is magical- the Victorian ballet dress. You will find here two types of Ballet dress with different color combinations. One with the majestic mixture of gold and green velvet and the other comes with gold engraved in red velvet. The dress has layers of underskirts giving it a puffy look. The marvelous color combination provides the dress with a majestic vibe. You wouldn’t miss such an item of lightweight clothing with a grand mixture, would you? It has a zip on its backside. The Zip-up system makes it quite comfortable. The materials- the velvet with gold combination, were chosen to intensify the vintage effect.
The available sizes are small-XXL. This dapper party dress might just suit your majestic night. It has other beautiful color combinations available. You might wanna take a look at Black Velvet Brocade, Silver on Black, Black on red velvet Brocade, and Plain red velvet. Choose the best one!

Victorian Ballet Dress

Victorian Gothic Dresses

Victorian Gothic style attire steals the heart of millions. Today you shall see the variations come with the single theme. Let’s look at some of the instances:

Victorian Gothic Camera

Purple 1890s Dress, Gothic Victorian Gown:

It is a ball gown having a Victorian Corset with it. The dress is inspired by the movie “The Innocent” by Luchino Visconti. The gown has a bodice and skirt. Both can be separated if necessary. The bodice comes with the corset with the support of steel boning. In the neck, it has terrific lace decoration.
Material is of pure cotton and mixed atlas fabric. It is ready to sheep in 1-2 weeks.

Purple 1890s Dress

Mini Black Gothic Dress:

The beautiful mini black gothic attire comes with the length from shoulder to hemline. Materials consist of Lycra Polyester, Lace, and Mesh. It has a wonderful collar designed with lace. It is ready to sheep in 2-3 weeks. If necessary, you can return or exchange it.

Mini Black Gothic Dress

Gothic Hooded dress:

(Witch dress Fitted oversized hood floor-length) the Gothic medieval black fitted dress comes with stretchy fabric. It is long-sleeved with a beautifully decorated large hood.

Gothic Hooded Dress

The dress is suitable for long or medium people. This marvelous cloak might be just the item you are looking for on rainy days.

Gothic Classic Lolita fashion princess dress:

This medieval princess dress comes with thick chiffon fabric. It has detachable bows and laces. The sleeve can be customized according to the demand.
The size and color can be found in the customized version. Ready to sheep in 4-6 weeks.

1950s Gothic Lolita black stripe:

If you are looking for a Victorian costume for Halloween, you may take a look at this beautifully striped black- white dress. The materials are polycotton, ykk zip, lace, felt, ric rac. It has a zip at the backside and black lace midriff. The bodice is in gypsy styling. The sleeve is furnished with elastic. This divine dress is perfect for pirate cosplay or a Halloween party.

1950s Lolita Black Stripe

Gloomth Gothic Victorian Mourning dress:

This one is super comfy with materials like cotton poplin, velvet ribbon, and black zipper. It has a back zipper. Hand cold wash is the best option for it. While ironing, you should be cautious—iron with low heat. The high collar appears in decorative ruffle trim. The skirt under the fitted bodice hangs as a simple A-line. The customizing size won’t be available for this one.
The dress fits well for the cult of melancholy. It is ready to sheep in 1-3 days. You can return or exchange it if necessary.

Gloomth Gothic Victorian Mourning Dress

Outfit Dress and Crop top BarBara:

This gothic dress can be your casual yet elegant outfit in your closet.
The material consists of Polyester and lace. The dress is of zip closure at the back. The dress is beautifully fabricated with laces at the hemline. At the upper side, the dress is made to be fitted by stainless adjustable steel fittings. Grab it for your perfect prom.

Outfit Dress and Crop top Barbara

Vintage Cotton Dress

Fairy Romantic Vintage Cotton Dress:

Are you in search of a dress that gives Victorian romance as well as light-weighted? Well, have a look at the dress with simple cotton and lace material. It comes with the exquisite cotton layers and a V-shaped ruffled collar. You will find a belt attached to it to fit your size. This super cute outfit will give you subtle and vintage essence. It is ready to sheep in 1-2 days. You can return or exchange it if needed. There might be exceptions in claims.

Fairy Romantic Vintage Cotton Dress

Exquisite lace Vintage cotton dress:

Want a vintage nightgown? Take a look at this one. The materials are cotton and lace. It has a ruffled layer associated with it. The beautiful work with laces gives it a dreamy effect.

Exquisite Lace Vintage Cotton Dress

Sailor Dress Lotte Linen Vintage dress:
It is a kind of outfit that passes through generation to generation. More like a family treasure! This dress comes with a simple ribbon in the sailor collar. Materials available for it are lin, Italian linen, Austrian linen, cotton, and organic. It has a short cap sleeve. The skirt has two straight pleats. This dress is available in small sizes too. So the good news is that mommies and kids can purchase the same dress with different sizes. The linen that’s is used as the material is freshly hand-woven. You should not miss this heirloom-quality and beautifully cut vintage dress. The dress is ready to sheep in 2-3 weeks.

Sailor Dress Lotte Linen Vintage Dress

Historic 1860 Ball-Gown:
The Victorian historic 1860 ball gown is one of a kind. The material of this dress includes georgette and macramé. The color can be customized. It has three particles – bodice, skirt, and bag.

Macrame is used in boat necklines, giving vibrancies. The inner material is pure cotton. The dress is not uncomfortable to wear as the fabric touches the skin and is made of cotton. The closure of the bodice is supported by the cord. There is no crinoline included in it.

The majestic skirt comes with seven layers giving the dress a fluffy effect. The bag that comes with it is made of the same material from the dress. The dress is ready to sheep in 3-4 weeks.

1860s Ball Gown

Victorian Dickens style Corduroy Dress
A fabulously, elegant, Victorian Dickens style dress can make your day. Its materials include- cotton, corduroy, and metal buttons. This lovely corduroy dress has a high collar with a “V” cut. The length of the dress touches the floor. It has long sleeves with puffy shoulders. Puffy shoulders can indeed make your dress look more Victorian.
It is best to hand wash it. If necessary, you can iron it with lower heat. A dry flat is suggested. To make it look fit well, you can use a crinoline. Unfortunately, the crinoline is priced separately.

Victorian Dickens Style

Black Evening Dress with jabot
If you are looking for a formal dress for a special occasion, you might select the Victorian black evening dress with jabot. This maxi dress has a jabot collar.
In the middle of the collar, an attractive brooch is associated. It is full sleeved with cuffs and three buttons. The material is soft crepe chiffon.

At the side seam, you will find the hidden zip. The side zip makes the size perfectly fitted to the body.

Black Evening Dress with Jabot

This royal dress with dark color can be a perfect choice for your long_ awaited prom too. The color is black and does not shine through. The stitch is single lined. This dress can be shipped in 2-3 days.

Victorian Menswear

You must have heard about the sophisticated Victorian gentleman, right? We can only imagine them with the coat, suit, tie, hat, and fancy walking canes. In movies, theme parks, theater, no Victorian man ever appeared without proper apparel. And by appropriate apparel, I mean a complete suit. Victorian essence is also present in today’s worldwide market. Some traditional Victorian outfits like tailcoat, vest, waistcoat, cowboy boots are commonplace today. But you shall find them with variations. Their outfits with the sprinkle of Victorian heritage can make our men look perfect.
Our collection of coats includes different designs, from rustic to formal. Let’s take a glance at them.

Men Clothing

Stable Brushed Cotton Frock-Coat:

Using the concept of Victorian Frock Coat, we present a coat with a classic cut. Wearing such a coat with conservative color and four-button front, you can move anyone with your elegance. This gentleman coat falls into knees with intricate detailing on the back. Material is 100 % cotton with plain lining. You better dry clean it, if necessary machine cold wash is recommended. It has sizes 36-52 available.

Rifle Frock Coat-Black:

This one shall give you a sassy and majestic look at the same time. The unrelieved black coat comes with the material of blended polyester and viscose fabric. This one falls under the knee with acetate lining. It has two front lower flap pockets and inside-outside left breast pocket. It features three cloth-covered buttons on the front and each sleeve and notched lapels. Sizes available for it 32-56. You better dry clean it for its lasting performance. If you are looking for an ankle-length majestic drapery, this one is just for you.

Black Rifle Frock Coat

Callahan Frock Coat – Khaki:

This jacket comes as a wonderful silhouette for men. Materials consist of Polyester, wool, and rayon with a full lining. An interior breast pocket is included. It has notched lapels and cotton covered buttons at sleeves and front. You can keep your valuables tucked into hidden pockets attached to it. This Vintage khaki jacket will suit you well in meetings, property negotiations, and poker tables. It comes with the sizes 36-54.

Callahan Frock Coat

Regency Tailcoat – Black with Velvet Trim: Look sharp and tough with your trimly tailored Regency tailcoat. The very notion of “tailcoat” came from the Victorian era. Its material is consisting of cotton denim. The metal ornate four buttons at the front and there at the cuffs catch even the sternest eye. This carefully styling coat can be used for long, maintaining some facts. It is best to dry clean it only. This luxurious tailcoat comes with sizes S-2X.

Regency Tailcoat

Vintage Smoking Jacket- Purple Velvet:

It will be quite a pick for you as this Vintage smoking jacket claims to be dashing as well as useful. Unlike other coats, this one won’t attract the tobacco scent. Besides, it will undoubtedly keep you warm and cozy. The coat has contrasting black colored collar and lapel of braided trim, acetate lining. It comes with additional front pockets and braided trim at cuffs. Materials are Polyester and Rayon. Sizes available S-4X.

Vintage Smoking Jacket

Inverness Coat- Brown Herringbone Tweed:

Upgrade your passion for vintage clothes by collecting this elegant 19th century inspired specimen. Materials are wool, acrylic, and Polyester. The coat falls below the knee with the removal of 28.5″ long. It has two front pockets and five front buttons. With this elegant attire, you will stay dry and warm. The fashionable classic lover businessman might find this pick just the right one.

Inverness Coat

Victorian Cosplay Costumes

Cosplaying is fun and fancy. Try some lustrous Victorian outfits for your next cosplay. The dresses inspired by 19th-century specimens stand out of the crowd without any doubt. Try some exciting costumes from our site.

Victorian Cosplay Costume

Civil War Ball Gown

This costume is made based on several dresses from the 19th century, including the one wore by Wilhelmina von Hallwyl. It appears with laced draped on the outer skirt, princess seams in back fully lined. The dress charms with the mixture of the chocolate brown satin and cream broadcloth, the hand-cut cream eyelash lace are used to elevate the design. The dress has to be worn on a corset and hoop skirt.

Civil War Ball Gown

Gothic Lolita Cake Dress

Try having a look at this one if you are looking for a medieval costume. The material is Polyester and lace. It will give you the Victorian gothic essence with elegance. The dress is ready to ship in 3-5 days.

Gothic Lolita Cake Dress

Steampunk Outfit Costume

This classic Victorian costume features a damask pattern skirt gathering in back, wristband, black satin corset, free laces. The skirt can be tied up to show legs. Materials are Polyester, rayon, and cotton.

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