Victorian boots were considered an essential part of victorian fashion. A pair of nice boots could easily represent the fashion sense and class of a  victorian women. This is why they used to choose their shoes carefully. However, It was a nice gesture for victorian women to cover their feet. That’s why they liked to wear closed boots or shoes in public or in work. However, clogs or slippers were also used on special occasions. Victorian boots are fashionable and classy at the same time. For closed-styled footwear, lace-up boots, button-up boots, or oxford shoes with low heels were most popular. Light and fancy low heel matching slippers were used with their evening dress. Victorian boots and shoes have come a long way and these styles are still popular among people.

Here we have a collection of modern victorian boots and shoes for you. This collection offers you victorian inspired footwear of different styles, designs, and price ranges that will be perfect for your regular wear, any victorian themed costume, or if you are planning for steampunk fashion.