Victorian clothing includes a wide range of beautifully ornamented dresses and gowns from the victorian era- mostly inspired by the dresses that queen victoria used to wear at that time. This fashion is still trendy after all this time because of the elegance it shows. However, finding yourself the proper victorian dress can be a tricky business. You have to keep in mind the unique features that victorian dresses had when you are making or buying a victorian dress for yourself. Victorian dresses had some unique kinds of necklines and sleeve patterns. They required special corset or crinoline settings to fit perfectly. Along with these dresses or gowns, skirts with blouses became very famous in the victorian era. Many women had several skirts and blouses and they assembled them with a belt to look like a single piece. Eventually, they started to mix and match the pieces, and thus they created new fashion for themselves. With time fashion has changed a lot but still, some features are followed by the fashion of previous times. We have made a list of some victorian style clothing that you can find online. Have a look at them and pick the perfect victorian cloth for you. Remember, you can create your own fairytale with your dress!