1920s Tennis Clothing: Outfits and Styles

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The roaring twenties was an era of fundamental changes and transformation in style and fashion! Most people dressed for comfort but still had a sense of fashion that remains timeless and unique even after years. If you are wondering how 1920s regular dresses were, click here! Both 1920s men and women liked to play tennis. 1920s tennis clothing was an inspiration for the sportswear in the latter days. Most of the 1920s tennis clothing for women was white to play professional tennis. Individuals who were not competing but wanted to get a hold of the sport casually would wear whichever set of sport day dresses they had. Interestingly, sweaters often topped dresses, especially during chilly days. Here are some examples of clothing during the 1920s:

  • Long cardigan sweaters with day dresses. This was a popular option, especially during cooler and chillier days.
  • Hair scarf or bucket hats during casual tennis matches
  • White stockings were often worn with tennis shoes
  • A white skirt with a top with black neckties is often the classic dress kit for tennis wear
  • Day dresses – a classic option!
1920s tennis clothing for women
1920s Tennis clothing for women

For men however, they stuck to a more traditional and contemporary tennis outfit. Here are examples:

  • White cloth pants
  • Thin belt
  • Dress shirt
  • Sweater during cool days or chillier weather
  • Shoes – typically sneakers during more competitive matches
Professional tennis clothing
Professional tennis dresses

1920s Tennis Dresses

Shopping for tennis dresses from the roaring twenties may seem difficult. After doing some extensive research on 1920s tennis dresses, it seems a lot easier than expected. In the roaring twenties, with the extensive range of clothing from cotton day dresses to wool swimwear in the early 1920s to more modern and sophisticated flapper dresses, tennis dresses may be undermined by the general public.

1920s tennis clothing for men
Tennis clothing for men

However, there are so many ways you can put together a 1920s style tennis dress!

Classic maid/ helper uniform

These white button-down dresses could easily pull off as a 1920s tennis dress. Not only is it affordable and on a budget (especially if you are a broke college student!), you can style it however you wish to. Add a pair of white stockings and fancy it up with a black necktie to complete the look.

Style it however you wish to do so!

Bow neck dress

Bow neck dresses have always been a popular option or choice of clothing for women. You can never go wrong with a classic bow neck dress in your wardrobe. Truth is, most women will have one classic bow neck dress in their wardrobe. Bow neck dresses can easily complement the roaring twenties tennis look. Although it may look more sophisticated than the traditional, classic tennis outfit, it can never go wrong when paired together with a more professional look.

Sailor dresses

Sailor dresses can easily be modified to complement the classic tennis look. Although it may seem weird at first sight, you can slowly notice the similarities between tennis dresses and sailor dresses. Interesting revelations during desperate times!

Look for options online…

Often there are various boutiques and collections online. Look for your local dress store or vintage store! Even if they do not offer the exact options you envision, you can customize a dress into the 1920s style within budget. Often, you are allowed to choose your desired neckline, length of the dress, and elements that you wish to add within the dresses. The choice you have for customization is truly endless.

Not only will you be able to pick your own materials, you can customize the size to make it as tight or loosely-fitting as possible depending on your wants and needs.

Other-related outfits

  • 1920s Outfit – Sporty
    • Rolled straw hat
    • Racket
    • Bow blouse
    • Midi long skirt
    • Oxford shoes
  • 1920s Men Tennis Outfit
    • Cardigan-like top
    • Button up top
    • White pants
    • White shoes
    • Racket
  • 1920s Womens Tennis Outfit
    • Tennis dress
    • Cardigan
    • Head scarf/ bucket hat/ cloche hat
    • Canvas shoes
    • Sailor top
    • Pleated skirt
    • Oxford shoes

Options are endless! You can style it however you like depending on your style and sense of fashion. You can put together most of the outfits you have in your closet to formulate a unique tennis outfit.


In conclusion, Shopping for tennis dresses from the roaring twenties may seem difficult. In the roaring twenties, with the extensive range of clothings from cotton day dresses to wool swimwear in the early 1920s to more modern and sophisticated flapper dresses, tennis dresses may be undermined by the general public. Don’t worry and you will be able to find the perfect fit of costume!

As explored throughout the article, women were dressed in rather simplistic and formal nature during the 20s. 1920s women embraced their carefree and lively manner which is easily represented by their choice of clothing. As a result, this enabled them to pursue new identities and opened new doors for the rise of women’s rights. This opened many doors and opportunities for women in the 20s. The outfits worn by these women remain timeless despite the shift in societal changes and time. If you were looking to explore some of these outfits, visit your local vintage store or shop online to put together the perfect look.