Top 6 1930’s men’s hats

Men’s fashion previously was not much different from style nowadays. In terms of men’s clothing, clothes nowadays are pretty similar to clothes from the 1930s. But what differentiates the fashion of ’30s from now is the use of hats.
In the 1930s, men used to wear a hat to make the style. Here we will be talking about a different kind of 1930’s men’s hats that isn’t in the fashion trend right now. So, if you are looking to pull off a 30’s look, then you must go through this to find out the best kind of hat for yourself.

Six types of 1930’s men’s hats

1930 was the classiest time for fashion. This was the time when people were leaning towards more of a modern and classic form of style. Wearing hats were a big part of this fashion trend. People had hats and caps for different purposes. And men’s fashion was incomplete without a hat.
Let’s check out the different kinds of hats from the 30’s fashion.

1930’s Fedora

Well, this is quite a popular type of hat. You can still see them in different shops. But in the 30’s these used to be the most popular thing to wear on the head. Another variant of the fedora is called trilby, which has a shorter crown than a fedora. These hats used to be a popular trend with suits and overcoats. The standard colors were brown, blue, green, grey, and black. They were usually made of fur felt. The crown sides used to be indented. And the hat used to be wrapped with a Petersham. There were many varieties and embellishments available for the caps as well.

Fedora hat
1930s Fedora Hat

Homburg hat:

You might have seen this hat in movies. One of the most iconic movies of all time The Godfather features the homburg hat. It was popular among the gangsters in the 30’s as well. The hat was made of fur and felt constructed with a tall crown. There are center creases on the hat. At the beginning of the era, the brim used to be broad, but later on, it got narrower. This one also had a Petersham wrapped around. It looks like a fedora but isn’t exactly that. To get the perfect gentleman look, this one was a must. Usually, the hat came in black and grey colors as gangsters back in the day preferred wearing these colors. Nowadays, most people call it the Godfather hat.

Homburg hats
1930s Homburg hat

Derby hat

This one was popular even before the ’30s. Also though some changes came in the design and built of the hats, instead of a hard top felt, a much more breathable and softer felt was being used in the ’30s. Besides that, this one featured a tall and round crown. There used to be a thin Petersham ribbon around the crown. Also, the brim of the hat was narrow and a little bit curled as well. Especially around the side, the curled-up factor used to be much higher. There were also some Petersham binding on the brim.

Charlie Chaplin hats
Derby Hat

Ivy caps

This was the choice for people with a lower income. Almost everyone back in the day could afford these caps. Even though this was worn in the ’20s mostly, it didn’t lose its popularity in the ’30s either. In the 30’s they came in with much more of a sleek and slim design as the ’30s was all about tighter clothes. There were many color choices in these caps. Brown and plaids were quite popular, along with herringbone patterns. Solid colors weren’t much preferable by 30’s men. These were mostly made of wool. Sometimes men wore them flat on the head and sometimes off to one side. If you are going for the classic 30’s ivy cap, then you must have a cap with the triangle shape because that was the significant feature of a 30’s ivy cap.

Ivy hats
1930S Ivy Hats

Porkpie ha

This one emerged around the end of the decade. In the 30’s it didn’t have a specific name. But the 40’s porkpie hat was heavily inspired by this one. These were a very classy choice to go with. Special occasions were the prime reason for wearing such hats as they had a very premium vibe to them. They mostly came in black and brown colors. Used to be made of fur felt, and the top was an oval shape. There was a deep crease around the oval. The crown was short, unlike the fedoras. With broader and straighter brims, they really created a presence of the wearer. People used to wear the hat at an angle and not straight.

Porkpie Hats
1930s Porkpie Hat

Skimmer hat

This one also came from the ’20s. But it wasn’t much popular in the ’30s. Still, some people would prefer wearing this one as a summer hat. The classic skimmer hat lost its popularity in this decade. A lighter variant of straw hat called Toyo became a more popular choice for men. This one came into fashion around the late ’30s. You don’t get to see this kind of hats worn in modern days. These were made of hand-woven straw, used to have a shallow crown and a flat top. These remain the most classic hat from the last century.

Skimmer hats
1930 Skimmer Hat

Besides these types of hats, there were some other hats such as Carlsbad, Dakota, Campaigner. There were different hats for sports and other activities, such as hunters as well. There were hats for rainy weather as well. But here we just talked about the actual classic trends of the 1930s.


Hopefully, you will have some idea of the classic hats from the ’30s. These 1930’s men’s hats will still give you the same gentlemen vibe as the old times. So, if you are thinking of reviving the fashion from the ’30s, then starting off with a Homburg or a Fedora might be a great idea. Also, ivy caps can be a new option to go with. You will find these hats in various shops and stores. They are still available in different places.