1930s hairstyles

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Hairstyles have a lot to do with our looks. And if you are blessed with great hair, then there are so many options you can explore. You can experiment with different styles of hair. As time passed by, various kinds of hairstyles came into the display. But the 1930’s hairstyles have shaped the coolest hairstyle trends around the globe.1930’s fashion and looks were mostly centering Hollywood celebrities. Whatever they did was known as fashion. So, hairstyles were also inspired mainly by different Hollywood celebrities.
Here we will be discussing hairstyles of the 1930s. We’ll also try giving you a guide towards getting some 1930 inspired hairstyles done for yourself.

Hairstyles in 1930

1930 to 1940 was the decade when fashion escalated quickly and modernized. Hairstyles moved along with that. In the ’30s, hairstyles were more structured and had much more sophistication than in the ’20s. Mostly it was about having short hair with waves. Waves were the signature of that decade. And men had the best kinds of haircuts back then. They were classy and had a manly charm to it.

Both men and women had hairstyles made famous by different celebrities. These hairstyles are still followed to date. And they really have got that classy touch. Many of the stars nowadays follow those hairstyles. Let’s get to know some of the hairstyles back in the 1930s. Then we will see some of the hairstyles inspired by the 1930s.

1930 women hairstyles

Like we said earlier, women hairstyles in the 1930s were mostly based on waves on the hair. The trend was to have short hair. Now, we will see some of the classic and everyday hairstyles back then.

1930’s long hairs:

Even though the trend back then was to have short hairs. Some women didn’t prefer cutting their hair. So, they mostly opted for long hairs. But they weren’t straight long hairs. They used to create waves in their long hairs, which eventually made the hair look shorter than they are without even cutting. As time passed by, women started going for short hair looks more than long hairs. There were not many variants of long hairstyles back then.

1930s long hairstyle
1930s Long Hair

Short hairstyles with long hair

This was the best option for the women to have trendy looks without cutting their hair. They could get glances from long hairs as well as short hairs. Even though this wasn’t the choice of many celebrities, they used to go for complete short hairs. With the help of professional hairstylists, women could get any hairstyles done on their hair if they had long hairs.
By creating rolls, curls, and waves on the hair, women could go for various hairstyles with their long hair. But this didn’t make their hair look long at all. So, they were keeping up with the trend with many more options in hand.

1930s long hair
1930s long hairstyle

Pageboy hairstyles

This was more like the medium length kind of hairstyle. Many of the movie stars had this hairstyle back then. You might have seen this in many movies because this hairstyle creates a separate personal frame for each person. This makes them look much more attractive to the reel. This hairstyle was often combined with a cap that made the look complete and had an everlasting impression. This was a very classy hairstyle. But it didn’t have many variants. The hair used to run about the shoulder height with some waves right at the end.

1930s pageboy hairstyle
1930s pageboy hairstyle


Well, this isn’t something we already don’t know. Because this one is still popular and many women have this hairstyle even now. It was trendy in the late ’30s. Barbara Stanwyck had the most influence in making this hairstyle go stylish and famous. There were variants to this hairstyle. Some used to have a curly or wavy bob, and some had a bit straighter. This could go well with long hairs and even short hairs. Women could make the hairs a bit fluffy to get the most out of their hairs as well. The hairstyle was pretty easy to do, as well. So, no professional hair stylist was necessary to do this kind of hair.

1930s bob hair
Bob hair


The most common trait of 1930’s hair is the curls and waves on hairs. Almost everyone had curls on their hair back in the days. There were lots of variants of this trend as well. Some used to go for long curls; some went for curly bob, some used to have curls on medium hair as well. Bouncy curls were a unique way to create volume in the hair. Well, there were many more styles women could do with curls. The possibilities were endless. Curls were an important quality that makes up the 1930’s hairstyles what they are. The same classic look is coming back again in the modern days as well.

curly hairstyle
1930s curly hairstyle

Well, these were some basic types of hairdo women used to have back in the days. These were just the base they used to do a lot of variation in them to get different looks. Now let’s take a look at Men’s hairstyles as well.

1930 men hairstyles

Whenever people talk about hairstyles from a significant era, they always walk past men’s hairstyles. If you take a close look, you will see how much men’s hairstyles have evolved over time. And nowadays these hairstyles from the 1930s are regaining their popularity among men. That is mostly because of different tv shows and classic movies. Whatever the case, maybe let’s check out the base of the evolution of men’s hairstyle. Different celebrities inspire most of them.

Slick hairstyle

Many of the celebrities used to have this look. They used to have their hair brushed backward. This was immensely influencing too many stars due to the formal and classy vibe this hairstyle had. Adding some gloss in the slick hairstyle was the perfect way to attend any kind of official occasion back in the day. This is a pretty common one in the classy movies.

Vintage men's hairstyle
Slick hair


For a more casual look, men used to go for fringes. This was mostly done on long to medium hair. It created a very casual look and didn’t need much hassle to get it done. If the hair cut was done right, it would look terrific on people with structured faces. One of the best actors of that generation, Errol Flynn, used to have this kind of haircut.

1930s fringe

Wavy hairs

Just like women, men also used to be attracted to waves in their hair. Although it wasn’t artificially done. Most of the time, men used to have wavy hairs, and they went with that look all the time. This was a completely different kind of hairstyle from the ’20s when men used to have long vintage hairstyles. It vanished for a long time, but we can see this one reviving nowadays.

Wavy hairstyle for men
1930s Wavy Hairstyle

The simple hairstyle

Men who weren’t able to spend money on getting their hairs used to opt for this look. They cut their hair at home. This was mostly focused on having some hair on the middle and the top and shave of the sides. You must be thinking of the modern disconnect haircut from this. Well, it is highly inspired by this hairstyle of the 1930s.

1930s simple hairstyle for men
1930s simple hairstyle for men

Messy curls

Not many commoners had this kind of hairstyle. Different celebrities mostly did it. It was basically letting the curls or waves do their part with medium length hair. The hairs weren’t combed and used to be messy to create a different texture and volume on the hairs.

1930s men's curly hairstyle
Messy curls of 1930s men

Once again, these aren’t some specific hairstyles we are talking about. These are some of the bases of hairstyles. And as you can tell by their little definition, they are still alive in the present. So, the 1930’s undoubtedly set the standards for men’s hairstyles completely.